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Special Education

Special Education

The Board of Trustees provides a full range of special educational alternatives, from the regular classroom to special full-day placements, so that students with special needs may interact with all children in a mutually respectful environment. Students are placed in a special setting only when the regular program fails to meet their needs.

When the special needs of a child are identified, the Superintendent or designee appoints an individualized education program (IEP) team, which includes educators, the student and his/her parents. The team carefully evaluates the student’s needs and recommends appropriate placement. Consideration is given to the educational and nonacademic benefits of placing the student in a regular class and the support services needed to maintain such placement. Placement decisions promote maximum social interaction with nondisabled peers in a manner that is appropriate. Students with exceptional needs also receive instruction which fosters their independence and integration into the community.

The Huntington Beach City School District participates in a consortium, the West Orange County Consortium for Special Education (WOCCSE) along with other local school districts, to pool funds and resources to provide special education programs and services to students with special needs. The members of the consortium have developed a Local Plan, which is a public document describing its implementation of state and federal law relating to special education. The goal of the consortium is to deliver high quality special education services to students with disabilities. 

W.O.C.C.S.E. member districts include: Fountain Valley School District, Huntington Beach City School District, Huntington Beach Union High School District,Ocean View School District, and Westminster School District.

Membership in the Community Advisory Committee is open to all parents of special education children. Meetings are held bimonthly and all parents are invited to attend.