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2018/2019 Clubs  



Club Name


Club Representative(s)

Meeting Times

Sowers Fishing Club

  Mr. Carter


Travis Ambrose

Elijah Rector

Hailey Clingan


Rm. 315

1st Thursday of Month 1:25

Drama Club

  Mrs. Bain

Ivory Vaz Mitchell

Abbie Chase

Rm. P4

Monday 4th Lunch

YouTube Editing Club

  Ms. Sutton

Brayden Green



Wednesday 4th Lunch

Photography/Art Club

  Mr. Fink


Keira Patch

Sophie D’Brot


Rm. 203

Tuesday 4th Lunch

PFAW (People For Animal Welfare)

  Mrs. Spehar

Adelaide Bellinger


Rm. 304

Monday 4th Lunch

Auction Club

  Ms. Litwin


Sydnee Norwood

Jordyn Norwood

Bella Morales

Rm. 215

Wednesday 4th Lunch

Board Game Club

  Ms. Sutton

Hudson Encinas



Tuesday 4th Lunch

Keep Calm & Love God

  Mrs. Pellet

Kiana Forest

Rm. 308

Thursday 1:30

Drawing & Sketching Club 

  Mr. Kollar

Mason Mangus, Zoe Carser, Charlotte Tran, Adriana Polifroni


Rm. 305 Every other Thursday 4th Lunch

Aloha BMX Club

  Ms. Sutton

Nathan Nakagawa



Thursday 1:20

DIY Club 

  Ms. Rosener

Jaelene Kleckner

Hannah Suh


Rm. P10

Tuesday 4th Lunch

Harry Potter Fan Club

  Mrs. Spehar

Cameron Britton

Courtney Signor


Rm. 304

Every Other Friday

4th Lunch

The Acting Club

  Mrs.Hogan/ Postiff

Olivia Stimson

Layla Fober


Rm. 320

Thursday 4th Lunch

K-Pop Stars Club

  Mrs.Pellet/     Mr. Kollar

Victoria Nguyen, Sydney Ratoak

Lucas Ramirez



Monday 4th Lunch