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Literature, Vocab, and History 3/25-3/29




6th Grade: Collection 4: Making Your Voice Heard

Views on Zoos pg. 63 (Closer Reader)

Sonia’s Blog pg. 64/Association of Zoos and Aquariums pg. 66

Innocent and Imprisoned pg. 67 by Robert McGuinnes (Close Reader)


1. advocates- supporters

2. accredits- guarantees that something conforms to certain rules and standards

3. vastly- greatly

4. guarantee- ensure

5. charisma- charm


7th Grade: Collection 3: Nature at Work

Allied with Green by Naomi Shihab Nye pg. 149


1. addiction- a habit one is dependent on

2. median- a dividing area between opposing lanes of traffic on a highway or road

3. arboretum- a place where many trees are grown for educational or viewing purposes

4. obituary- a public notice of death

5. xeriscape- landscaping that saves water and protects the environment.  



8th Grade: Collection 4: Approaching Adulthood

When Do Kids Become Adults? pg. 235

by L. Steinberg, J.D. Chenge, J.L. Kitman, B. Hofer, and M. Thompson


1. arbitrary- determined by chance or whim

2. inadequate- insufficient or not enough

3. diffuse- very spread out or scattered

4. autonomous- a person who is independent

5. mandatory- required



Times Critical Thinking

Grade Expectations

Literature, Vocab, and History 3/18-3/22



6th Grade- Collection 3: Dealing with Disaster

Wild Animals Aren’t Pets/ Let People Own Exotic Animals by USA Today pg. 223

  1. exotic- something from another part of the world

  2. dictate- to require something to be done or decided

  3. menagerie- a collection of live wild animals, often kept for showing to the public

  4. lax- not rigorous, strict, or firm

  5. regulate- control or direct something according a a rule, principle, or law


7th Grade: Collection 3: Nature at Work

Nature’s Beauty, Power, and Mystery (Xplor) by Danya Avril


1. phenomena-  something impressive or extraordinary

2. sinkhole- a hole formed in soluble rock by the action of water   

3. circumference- the outer boundary

4. dormant- inactive

5. emanate-  to flow out


8th Grade: Collection 4: Approaching Adulthood

Is 16 Too Young to Drive a Car? pg. 247 by Robert Davis

Fatal Car Crashes Drop for 16-Year-Olds, Rise for Older Teen pg 256 by Allison Aubrey


1. notion- is a belief or opinion

2. novice- a beginner

3. paradox- a true statement that seems like it would not be true

4. impetuous- someone who acts without thinking things through

5. anecdote- a short account of an incident



6th- Ch. 19 Geography and the Early Settlement of China

7th- Ch. 20 The Influence of Neigboring Cultures on Japan

8th- Ch. 18 A Era of Reform

Literature, Vocab, and History 3/11-3/15




6th Grade- Collection 3: Dealing with Disaster

The Banana Tree pg. 171 by James Berry


1. repress-  hold something back or try to stop it from happening

2. mock- to treat them with scorn or contempt   

3. grimace- twist your face in an unattractive way because you are unhappy, disgusted,    or in pain.

4. venture- a dangerous, daring, or poorly planned task or activity

5. bore-  they carried it or had it on them; it is visible in some way


7th Grade: Collection 3: Nature at Work

Are Sharks Menacing or Misunderstood? (Xplor) by Gunner Choe


1. menace-  a danger, or the quality of being threatening.

2. carnivore- an animal that eats other animals.   

3. fatal- causes or is capable of causing death.

4. apex- the highest level or degree that can be attained.

5. carcass-  the dead body of an animal.


8th Grade: Collection 4: Approaching Adulthood

Much Too Young to Work So Hard (Close Reader) pg. 83 by Naoki Tanaka


1. exploit- taken advantage of

2. illiterate- unable to read or write

3. sporadically- appearing or happening at irregular intervals

4. impoverished- poor

5. profit- returns, proceeds, or revenue/benefit



6th- Ch. 18 The Achievements of the Gupta Empire

7th- Ch. 19 China’s Contacts with the Outside World

8th- Ch. 17 Mexicano Contributions to the Southwest

Literature, Vocab, and History 3/4-3/8



6th- Ch. 17 Buddhism and The First Unification of India

7th- Ch. 18 Chinese Discoveries and Inventions

8th- Ch. 16 Life in the West

Literature, Vocab, and History 2/25-3/1



6th Grade- Collection 3: Dealing with Disaster

Decide to Survive by B. G. Hoover (Xplor)

Be a Suvivior by Liz Martin (Xplor)

A Vacation to Remember by Judy Yero (Xplor)

Be Prepared by Chris J. R. Roberts (Xplor)


1. adrenaline- hormone released in response to stress or fear; increases blood pressure    and metabolism  

2. dehydration-  deprived of water.

3. grit-  great courage and determination.

4. sustained- continuous

5.evacuation- people leave a place, usually to avoid danger.


7th Grade: Collection 3: Nature at Work

Close Reader: from Polar Dream by Helen Thayer pg. 45-50

1. sly- clever; tricky

2. engrossed- absorbed; focused

3. rabid- raging; uncontrollable

4. Inuit- Eskimo family living in Canadian Artic

5. adrenaline- a hormone released in response to stress 


8th Grade: Collection 3: Approaching Adulthood

Close Reader: The Whistle by Anne Estevis pg. 71

1. paternal- related through the father

2. savory- appetizing; tasty

3. infuriated- angry; enraged

4. cabrito- Spanish for "meat of a young goat, or kid."

5. Abuelita- grandmother in Spanish



Times Critical Thinking

An Immigrant Nation


Literature, Vocab, and History 2/4/19-2/8/19



6th Grade Collection 3: Dealing with Disaster

Mammoth Shakes and Monster Waves, Destruction in 12 Countries

by Brenda Z. Guiberson pg. 139


1. rupture-  to break open or burst

2. gauge- to measure or judge something through estimating  

3. traumatize- to upset or shock someone, causing emotional and mental pain

4. antibiotic- a drug used in medicine to kill bacteria and to cure infections

5. degradation-  damage done to something in nature, by weather or water


7th Grade: Collection 3: Nature at Work

Screaming Skies: A History of Hurricanes by Ruita Delgardo (Xplor)

1. meteorologist-  a person who studies, reports, and forecasts weather conditions.

2. deity- a god or goddess.

3. cirrostratus-  a high, thin cloud, usually covering the sky.

4. refuge- a place providing protection or shelter.

5. ominous- when something is menacing or threatening


8th Grade: Collection 4: Approaching Adulthood

Marigolds  by Eugenia Collier pg. 213

1. poignant- profoundly moving or touching

2. retribution- something given in repayment, usually as a punishment

3. bravado- a false show of bravery

4. impotent- lacking strength or vigor

5. exuberance- a condition of unrestrained joy



6th- Ch. 14 Unlocking the Secrets of Mohenjodaro

7th- Ch. 15 The Cultural Legacy of West Africa

8th- Ch. 13 A Growing Sense of Nationhood

Literature and Vocab 1/14/19-1/18/19




6th Grade- Collection 2: Animal Intelligence

How Smart are Animals? by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent pg. 105

1. evolve- when animals and plants gradually change and develop into different forms.  

2. attribute- when you believe someone or an event causes it

3. phenomenon- is an unusual or remarkable fact or event

4. inconsistency- does not always behave or respond the same way every time

5. complexity- many parts connected in a tangled or layered way



7th Grade: Collection 3: Nature at Work

from Mississippi Solo by Eddy Harris pg. 137

1. avalanche- a large mass of snow, ice, dirt, or rocks falling down a mountain

2. insulate- you prevent the passage of heat or cold through it.  

3. splinter- to break up into sharp, thin pieces

4. ethereal- something that is light and airy


8th Grade: Collection 3: Move Towards Freedom

from Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad by Ann Petry pg. 151

  1. disheveled- when something is messy or untidy

  2. linger- remain or stay longer

  3. sullen- silent resentment

  4. eloquence- the ability to speak powerfully and persuasively

  5. cajole- coax or urge gently

Vocab and Literature 12/10-12/14





6th Grade- Collection 2: Animal Intelligence

The Language of Wolves by Gabriel Medina (Xplor)


1. streotypes-  idea or image, such as the idea that wolves are cold-blooded killers.

2. solitary- lives alone

3. intimidating- to make someone timid and fearful.    

4. muzzle-  its mouth, nose, and jaws.  

5. alpha- having the highest rank in a dominance hierarchy


7th Grade: Collection 2: Perception and Reality

Hearts and Hands by O. Henry  (Xplor)


1. countenance- one’s appearance, especially their facial expression

2. forestall- to delay or prevent someone or something from occurring

3. irrelevant- not related to the matter being considered

4. counterfeit- made in imitation so as to be passed off fraudulently

5. keen- characterized by strength and distinctness of perception


8th Grade: Collection 3: The Move Toward Freedom

Frederick Douglass, an American Slave by F. Douglass pg. 143


  1. commence- when things begin or start

  2. apprehension- the fear or dread of the future

  3. prudence- the wise handling of practical matters

  4. denunciation- the public condemnation of something wrong or evil

  5. vindication- the evidence or proof that someone’s claim is correct.  



6th- Ch. 10 The Kingdom of Kush

7th- Ch. 11 From the Crusades to New Muslim Empires

8th- Ch. 9 The Constitution, A More Perfect Union

Literature, Vocab, and History 12/3-12/7






6th Grade- Collection 2: Animal Intelligence

My Dog Is Not My Pet by Ariel Parsons (Xplor)


1. application- a written request for employment, admission, help, funds, etc.

2. voucher- written authorization that can be exchanged for cash or services.   

3. scholarship- money or other aid granted to a student, because of merit,  need, etc.

4. qualify- to modify or limit in some way

5. initial- of, relating to, or occurring at the beginning; first


7th Grade: Collection 2: Perception and Reality

More Than Meets the Eye by Kendrick Williams (Xplor)


1. mesmerize- to spellbind or captivate.

2. coherent- to be marked by an orderly, consistent relation of parts.    

3. silhouette- a drawing of an outlined figure, such as human profile.

4. reality- a real thing or fact.

5. perception- viewpoint or thought



8th Grade: Collection 3: The Move Toward Freedom

My Friend Douglass by Russell Freedman pg. 43 (Close Reader)


1.inauguration- a ceremony to place a leader into office

2.jubilant- overjoyed

3.calamity- disaster

4.emancipation- freedom from slavery

5.Jim Crow laws- practice of separating African Americans from whites



6th- Ch. 9 Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

7th- Ch. 10 Contributions of Muslims to World Civilzations

8th- Ch. 8 Creating the Constitution

Literature and Vocab 11/13-11/16



6th Grade- Collection 2: Animal Intelligence

Close Reader: Bats by Mary Kay Carson pg. 29

  1. recuperating- recovering; improving

  2. maneuver- to change movement or direction

  3. larvae- young, wingless, often worm like form of an insect

  4. audible- clear, loud

  5. vermin- pests


7th- Collection 2- Perception and Reality - Another Place, Another Time by Cory Doctorow pg. 93

  1. eloquence- behaves or speaks using persuasive, powerful expression

  2. maroon- to abandon or leave someone in a place that is hard to get away from

  3. judicious- having good judgement

  4. spyglass- a small telescope

  5. sextant- instrument determines location by measuring the position of the stars and sun


8th- Collection 2- The Thrill of Horror- The Monkey’s Paw by W. W. Jacobs pg. 105

  1. peril- something that is dangerous

  2. condole-express sympathy or sorrow

  3. grimace- a facial expression of pain or disgust

  4. fate-power to determine course of events

  5. credulity- tendency to believe too readily