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Catron Family
Catron Family

Ecosystems, Chemistry, Human Body Systems, & Engineering


Barb Catron


Seventh grade science is hands-on, inquiry based, and lots of fun!  This class integrates Earth, Life, and Physical sciences.  Our Science Team will be introducing new concepts and project based learning focused on the Next Generation Science Standards.  Please email me or message me through School Loop with any questions or comments!


Daily Supplies

Students are to bring the following recommended supplies to class every day:

Notebook ("IAN" is an InterActive Notebook | Needs to be minimum of 8.5x11inches | for Science class ONLY

★plenty of sharpened pencils

★personal pencil sharpener

★plenty of BLUE or BLACK pens

★highlighters (any colors)

★Planner or calendar


The following supplies are suggested, too!

★colored pencils

★colored markers

★3x5 cards 


Pep Talk from Kid President!


Barb Catron Locker
Geology Rocks!
Mrs. Catron collecting data at KIlauea, Big Island of Hawaii
Even Einstein Asked Questions
Even Einstein Asked Questions