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  • Lockers are a privilege and this privilege may be taken away in the event of misuse.
  • Locker combinations must not be given out to any other students.
  • Lockers must not be shared.
  • The combination of the locker and its contents are the student's responsibility.  The school district and school are not responsible for items damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • Opening another student's locker may result in suspension from school and/or the loss of locker privileges.  Stealing could result in arrest.
  • No special locks are permitted. Use only the lock that is installed in the locker door.
  • Food, valuables, and personal items should not be stored in lockers. Sowers is not responsible for items taken out of your locker by someone other than yourself. Keep your combination private.
  • The administration retains the right to inspect student lockers when there is reasonable suspicion or knowledge of the presence of illegal items, substances, stolen or dangerous objects, or other inappropriate materials stored within.  This can also include police searches to include K-9 dogs.