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Student supervision begins at 8:15 a.m.  You should not arrive on campus prior to that time unless you are involved in a school activity under the supervision of school personnel.


Absences from School

714-962-7738 (Press 2)

Your parent/guardian must call to excuse your absence, or send a note to excuse your absence. 

Bring your note to the office prior to first period on the day of your return.


Students who are absent from school are responsible, upon their return, to request the missed assignments in each class.  Teachers will provide this information upon student request.  The homework or missed assignments must be turned in within the number of days equal to those you are absent.  See School Loop for assignments.

Tardy Policy

If you arrive to school after 8:35 a.m., you must…

  • Report directly to the school office attendance clerk. 
  • If you arrive late to school with a physician’s excuse or note from your parent, you must present the note to the office attendance clerk prior to reporting to class. 
  • For every set of three unexcused tardies a Saturday school will be assigned.  If you have five unexcused tardies in excess of thirty minutes, you will be referred to the SARB process above. 
  • If you are tardy to periods 2 through 7, you will be assigned consequences by your classroom teacher. Individual teachers may also require you to serve detentions in their rooms after school.  In all cases, parents will be notified if the child is kept after school more than 20 minutes.

Custody Issues

The courts handle custody disputes.  The school has no legal jurisdiction to refuse a biological parent access to his/her child and/or school records.  The only exception is when current, signed restraining orders or proper divorce papers, specifically stating visitation limitations, are on FILE in the school office.  Any student release situation, which leaves the student’s welfare in question, will be handled at the discretion of the site administrator or designee.  Should any such situation become a disruption to the school, the Police Department will be contacted and an officer will be requested to intervene.  Parents are asked to make every attempt NOT to involve school sites in custody matters. The school will make every attempt to reach the custodial parent when a parent or any other person NOT LISTED on the emergency card attempts to pick up a child.

School Attendance Review Board (SARB)

California Education Code 48260 states that any pupil subject to full-time education or to compulsory education who is absent from school without a valid excuse for five (5) days or more, or tardy in excess of 30 minutes for five days or more in one school year is a truant and shall be reported to the attendance supervisor and school district.  Within our district, at 3 days a phone call home is made, at 4 days the first truancy letter is sent home and at the 5th day, a second truancy letter as well as call to School Attendance Review Team at the school site is held.  Any further truancies after the 5th day, the student is referred to the SARB, made up of local school agencies, local law enforcement and the local District Attorney.  Being in school is a legal responsibility of both parents and students.