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Bicycles, Skateboards, Etc.


  • All Sowers students are expected to wear bicycle helmets to and from school.  This is a law and you may be issued a ticket if you aren’t wearing one.  If bicycle helmets are not worn, you will not be allowed to ride a bicycle to school.   
  • Bicycles must not be ridden on school grounds.  Bicycles should be walked on school grounds and the sidewalks up to crossing areas.
  • Bicycles must be put inside the bicycle racks and individually locked.  You may not lock bikes together.
  • The bicycle racks will remain locked during the school day.  The school does not accept responsibility for bikes that are damaged or stolen.
  • Teachers will be on duty at the bicycle racks fifteen minutes prior to school starting and fifteen minutes after school ends.
  • If you remain at school after teachers have gone off duty, you must make arrangements for the safety of your bike since the bike racks will not be locked until after 3pm.

Skateboards, Etc.

Skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, scooters, mopeds, electric powered scooters, motorcycles or shoes with recessed wheels are not allowed at school.  If you bring these items to school, you will be made to call a parent to come pick the item up and you will receive demerits and/or detention.  Do not store these items in lockers, backpacks, bushes, parking lots, or classrooms.