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HBCSD Board Policy 6154 requires that total homework assignments in grades 6, 7, and 8 should not exceed 120 minutes per day, (The Board recommended time allocation for homework at the middle school level is from 50-120 minutes and students are expected to read independently or to parents for approximately 20 minutes daily).  As a general rule, all students may be assigned homework four nights per week, not generally on a Friday, or preceding a school holiday.  Long term assignments, such as reading literature selections, writing reports and compositions, and completing projects, are appropriate.  Long-term assignments are those which require several weeks or more to complete and should be organized in increments and monitored at each stage.

When absent, students shall be given the opportunity to make up school work missed because of an excused absence and shall receive full credit if the work is turned in according to the established Board Policy make-up schedule, students have as many excused days absent to make up and turn in the work.  If students miss work due to an unexcused absence, they may or may not be given the opportunity to make up the work and if so it could be for either full or reduced credit.  If more than five consecutive days excused absent, please contact attendance for independent study guidelines.