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Positive Behavior

The ISMS Way

I   Integrity:  Do my best work, City my resources

                   Respect presenters and performers, Listen to speaker attentively

                   Show good sportsmanship, Report inappropriate & dangerous behaviors

                   Respect people's privacy, Respect personal & school property

                   Eat your own food, Wait your turn in line, Use good manners

                   Check out and return books, Turn in found items to Lost & found

                   Be responsible for your actions


S  Safety:   Use materials appropriately, Leave rooms in an orderly manner, Keep hands and feel to self; Enter/Exit in an orderly fashion

                  Keep pathways clear

                  Wait for dismissal

                  Walk at all times

                  Use proper hygiene

                  Eat food in designated areas

                 Stay in supervised areas

                 Have hall pass/badge prominently displayed

                 Secure personal belongings 

                 Follow all rules of the road and suggested flow of traffic

                 Walk bikes on campus and sidewalks

                 Arrive no earlier than 8:15am (unless you have zero period); Leave campus 15 minutes after dismissal

                 Enter/exit in a safe manner

                 Carry your school ID at all times

M  Make Responsible Choices:

                  Positively contribute to classroom discussions

                  Come to class prepared and ready to learn

                  Be responsible for your learning

                  Follow classroom expectations

                  Applaud appropriately during assemblies

                  Keep campus clean

                  Lockers used during passing periods only

                  Keep locker combinations private

                  Use time wisely

                  Have a safe after school plan

S  Show Respect

                 Support student participation

                 Use good manners & kind actions/words

                 Stay in designated areas

                 Respect classes in sessions

                 Use respectful language

                 Include others

                 Remove hats/hoods inside

                 Respect personal space

                 Respect school and personal property

                Offer assistance

                Turn electronic devices off after entering campus