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Solving Problems at School

From time to time you might find yourself in need of help.  If you are having difficulty at school, experiencing problems with friends, feel harassed by others, or just need someone to talk to feel free to contact any of the following:

  • Counselors - We have a counselor who is here to help with conflict resolution as well as improving grades and attendance
  • Teachers - Find a teacher with whom you feel comfortable with.  There are great teachers here to help.
  • Administrators - A day will hardly ever go by that you don’t see an administrator around campus.  Drop by our offices, talk to us at lunch or send us a note and we’ll help in any way we can.  Our doors are open.

Schedule Changes

Your class schedules have been constructed to provide you with the required courses here at Sowers as well as participation in elective classes in which you have indicated a desire to participate.  If parents are requesting a schedule change because of a teaching philosophy/personality conflict, the first step is to conference with the teacher, prior to contacting administration.  No change will be granted unless the teacher has been contacted first.  After meeting with the teacher and further change is still desired, the next step is a conference with an administrator, student, teacher and parent to discuss concerns.  We have a school policy of not changing teachers but solving the conflict.  Also, board policy states that you may not request to have a specific teacher and that administration may move classes without parent permission if deemed necessary.        

In middle school you will experience a variety of personalities in teachers and administrators that might not be what you are used to.  This is all part of maturing.  Take the time to adjust some of your expectations and try to make your schedule work.  You may not be in all the classes your friends are.   Changes in assigned lunch periods are not approved.