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Dress Code

A strong and visible commitment to student safety and an orderly school environment is obvious at Sowers. This commitment takes shape in a variety of ways, which includes standards of dress. These standards have been designed to provide parents, teachers, administrators, and students with a strong emphasis on the importance of thinking out a choice prior to acting it out. The following Standards of Dress have been designed to support a safe school environment that is free from distraction yet at the same time sensitive to the styles of the time.

The guidelines listed below have been established in order to promote student safety and guidance in the choice of dress by our students:



  1. Blouses and shirts must cover a child's stomach at all times and must not expose the back. Tank Tops, revealing blouses, tight blouses or shirts, spaghetti straps, racer backs or any blouse or shirt that reveals a students undergarment or are deemed to show inappropriate amounts of personal body parts are not acceptable for school.    We highly recommend that students NOT wear tank tops to school
  2. Avoid wearing dangerously long pants or loose fitting clothing. Pants that are excessively large at the waist, hang down far enough to cause a hazard to walking or running or are excessively baggy (two legs can fit in one pant leg) may not be worn to school. Pants must be worn at a level that avoids the exposing of undergarments or skin. Clothing that is skin tight is not appropriate for students to wear at school.
  3. Students may not wear flight jackets of any color to school.
  4. Dresses, skirts and shorts must be of an appropriate length to avoid exposing undergarments, or creating a distraction. An appropriate dress/skirt/shorts length is defined as being the length of arms down to fingertips, when fully extended to the sides of the leg. In other words, when asked to place your hands to your side, your longest finger should touch material, not skin.
  5. Clothing that has appearance of being lingerie (undergarments) or pajamas, in the opinion of the administration, may not be worn at school.


  1. Hats may be worn outside school buildings only or during P.E. classes if used for sun protection. Hats are to be removed when inside classrooms, the halls, the mall, or the administration office. Bandanas are not appropriate head-wear and may not be worn on the way to or from school, during school, or at school functions.
  2. If you wear a hooded sweatshirt to school you must remove the hood while indoors.


  1. Sandals, backless sandals and platform or high heeled shoes over three inches are deemed unsafe footwear. Due to an inherent safety problem they should not be worn at school. Shoes should be secured to the foot. They should be appropriate for doing P.E. and for safety on the playground. Shoes that provide protection and foot support are appropriate for school.
  2. Steel toed shoes and boots are not allowed at school. Shoes with recessed rollers are not allowed at school.


  1. Belts that are excessively long, as well as large belt buckles, are not appropriate for school. They can pose a safety hazard to students and therefore should not be worn at school.
  2. Wallet chains, large bracelets, spiked jewelry, large chains, and other such jewelry can pose a safety hazard to students and should not be worn at school.

Makeup and Hair Styles

  1. Extreme hair styles or make-up are not appropriate for school. Students who use make-up or consider changing the natural color of their hair need to insure that the change will not in any way interrupt the teaching or learning process.
  2. Any type of clothing or accessory that is deemed un-safe, disrupts the learning environment, advertises or advocates alcohol, smoking, drugs, gangs, profanity, weapons, or violence may not be worn to school at any time.

Violations of these Standards of Dress that are deemed, by the administration, as interrupting learning and/or teaching, issues involving safety, obscenity, violence, drugs, gangs, profanity, or weapons will be dealt with through our demerit system.    Additionally, students will be required to change into their P.E. clothes.