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Mrs. Pellet

Culinary Arts and Home Economics Classes

Welcome to Kids in the Kitchen and Home Economics!  In these classes we have the opportunity to explore and develop skills that will be used throughout our lives.


In the Kids in the Kitchen class we will be focusing on cooking and nutrition.  We will learn proper kitchen safety and food handling techniques in the first few weeks of class.  Next, we will learn kitchen and recipe vocabulary while we practice proper measuring techniques.  We will spend several weeks studying about how what we eat effects our health.  And during the last weeks of class, we will focus on etiquette as well as how different cultures have influenced American cuisine.  Last year, we ran a 'pop up' restaurant for one day called the Viking Galley.

The Home Economics class have four units of study and practice.  These are skills that we will need for the rest of our lives.  The first unit will be cooking and nutrition.  Next, we study design as it effects our home environment.  In the third unit we will learn how to take care of our clothing and have several simple lessons involving sewing.  And last, we will have a unit on child development and babysitting.

Viking Pumpkin.jpg

Advanced Culinary Arts students show their knife and design skills with their entry into the pumpkin design contest 2015.

Mrs. Pellet at Viking Galley.jpg
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Somebody didn't follow the recipe!