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Role of PTA in Legislation

As local officers of the largest grassroots child advocacy organization in the state, PTA legislative advocacy chairs are responsible for demonstrating leadership on children’s issues at the local level by educating PTA members, community members and elected officials about PTA’s issues of concern and legislative priorities and goals.

The California State PTA takes positions on issues/legislation based on position statements in the  California State PTA Toolkit, California State PTA convention resolutions, California State PTA Legislation Platform and National PTA positions and convention resolutions.

The unit, council or district legislative chair provides PTA members with information about PTA positions on current legislation and issues.

Get up to date PTA advocacy/legislation information via these links:

  • Fourth District PTA provides the latest in Sacramento news as well as action alerts when there is a need to communicate with legislators or the governor. To participate, send an email with your name and PTA affiliation to or visit Fourth District's Advocacy webpage:
  • California State PTA provides the latest advocacy news regarding education legislation in the state of California:
  • National PTA - from universal kindergarten to a juvenile justice system—National PTA® advocates have been at the heart of our nation’s greatest advances for youth.  Today, National PTA speaks up for family engagement language in education; safe, healthy, and technologically advanced schools; and equal opportunity for all children, regardless of their socioeconomic background.