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General Information

2017-2018 Clubs

Field Trips

Students and parents, please understand that school field trips whether it is Catalina, Whale Watching, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm or any other activity, is a privilege.  This privilege can be lost due to overall demerit count, severe behavior issues or any infraction of the school wide discipline policy.  We reserve the right to remove students from the eligibility list at any time in the school year.       

School Dances

The Sowers PTSA sponsors dances throughout the school year.  All dances are held in the mall area of the school.  Teachers and/or parents will act as chaperons at all dances.  Permission slips/tickets must be completed and signed by your parent/guardian in order for you to attend.  Tickets will not be sold to students who have two or moreN’s or one U in citizenship on the previous report card for the current school year.  CORE class citizenship marks will count as one mark.   Students will also lose dance privileges by having 20 or more demerits.  Administrators also reserve the right to deny dance privileges based on disciplinary reasons.  A valid Sowers I.D. card is required in order to purchase a ticket.  I.D.’s must be brought to the dance.  NO student will be admitted to the dance without a ticket signed by a parent/guardian.  No tickets will be sold at the door. The student and parent are responsible for reading the rules on the dance ticket prior to the dance.

School Clubs

If a club is offered to students through the school or sponsored by a group at the school, students will be required to adhere to any guidelines and requirements set up as part of that club's operating procedures. Participation in clubs is a privilege not a right.  If removed from the club the student is required to stay away from any and all activities of that club.


Throughout the school year a wide variety of activities occur on and off campus in which students are invited to participate.  All school rules and guidelines are in force during any school-sponsored activity.

After School Sports

In order to participate in the After School Sports program, students must:

  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average on their quarterly report cards. 
  • As a condition for eligibility, students must maintain an acceptable record of citizenship.  Students will be considered ineligible for participation if they receive two N’s or one U in Citizenship during the prior grade reporting period (either progress report or report card).  These marks cannot be given by the same teacher. 
  • A student who has lost their right to participate in after school sports during the sport itself will not be allowed a refund of participation fees once the student looses their participation privilege.
  • Severe disciplinary problems at events or at school, on campus or while visiting another schools campus may result in the loss of participation in any after school athletic event and may lead to disqualification.
  • Students must be in full-time attendance in order to participate in after school sports and have no unexcused tardies or be involved in the School Attendance Review Board process.

8th Grade Promotion

Eighth grade students who meet Sowers Middle School’s and the Huntington Beach City School District’s academic and behavioral standards may participate in promotion events.  Eighth grade promotion events may include an eighth grade day trip, Yearbook Signing Party, Eighth Grade Awards Ceremony and the Promotion Ceremony and practice.  Eighth grade students may lose their privilege of attending these activities based on accumulated demerits (see Demerit System), failing to meet district grade level standards/multiple measures (At Risk of Retention Program), or a decision made by the school administration due to behavior or academic failure. 

During the last six weeks of schoolany 8th grade student suspended from school or involved in a severe disciplinary incident can expect to lose their privilege of attending the end of the year 8th grade trip and/or the ability to participate in Promotion.  Students not attending the 8th grade trip or Promotion are required to be in attendance at school on those days.  Failure to attend school for any reason other than an excused absence will result in the loss of the privilege of participating in the 8th grade Promotion Ceremony.  8th grade students absent from school on the day of the 8th grade trip or the day prior to promotion may not participate in the promotion ceremony.

Students who have been identified as AT RISK OF RETENTION during the school year may also lose the privilege of attending the 8th grade trip and to participate in promotion.  Toward the end of the year a decision will be made identifying the student's promotion status.