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School Safety

Safety First- To and From School

SAFETY FIRST, To and From School! 

Please read carefully…




Please plan on leaving fifteen minutes early to allow time for you to get to school.


Front lot on Indianapolis Ave. is for BUSES ONLY!  Please do not expect to go through the cones.


CARS DROP OFF AND PICK UP IN BACK LOT ONLY, IN A ONE-WAY PROCESSION, STOPPING TO DROP OFF AT THE POINT CLOSEST TO THE BUILDING, ONLY!   (When cars stop to drop off intermittently throughout the parking lot, the kids walk through the lot endangering them to the crowded lot of moving cars, and the traffic gets very backed up!  Please keep your children safe, and wait to let them get out, until in front of room 407!)


You may want to consider dropping students off a couple blocks away to avoid congestion.


You may also want to consider having your children walk with friends or ride their bikes.




Bike riders must have bikes locked and be properly wearing a bike helmet which fits appropriately. 


AGAIN, FOR STUDENTS’ SAFETY, bike riders are to walk their bikes until past the inside tract corners, on the sidewalk.  Riding on the sidewalk can cause injury to themselves and others, amidst such a dense population before and after school, and riding in the streets is dangerous, as well. 


Thank you for working as a team for the safety of your children!