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Cheating/Honor Code

Cheating and Dishonesty

Cheating or turning in the work of other students is considered unacceptable conduct here at Sowers. Cheating and dishonesty on assignments includes:

  1. Copying or asking for answers.
  2. Looking at another person’s answers.
  3. Asking someone how to do a problem or figure out an answer during a test or quiz.
  4. Looking in a book or notebook or on a review sheet to find an answer or how to do a problem during a test or quiz where you have been directed not to.
  5. Showing someone your answers, willfully letting someone copy your answers to a test or quiz or on your homework.
  6. Explaining to someone how to figure out an answer or do a problem on a test or quiz when you have been directed not to.
  7. Discussing if an answer on a test or quiz is right or wrong when directed not to talk to each other.
  8. Plagiarism through the use of the internet, books, cheat notes or other technologies is considered cheating.
  9. Using a cell phone to text answers/get answers to a test.  Having one out during a test at all is considered cheating.
  10. If a student is found to be cheating or dishonest in their assigned work he/she will receive a grade of “F” on that assignment and the parent/guardian will receive a call from the teacher.

Honor Code Policy

It is important to the character of the educational program at Sowers Middle School that honesty is inherent in all student work.  Cheating, as stated above, is unacceptable behavior, and has strict consequences.  The following is the adapted school policy (this is comprehensive for all classes, not just for an individual class):

            First Offense:             0 on Test/Assignment/Teacher calls parent and 5 demerits issued.


            Second Offense:        0, teacher calls parent/N for citizenship/conduct grade                                   

                                                Referral to administrator

                                                Documentation in discipline record and Saturday detention


            Third Offense:            0, teacher calls parent

                                                U for citizenship/conduct grade

                                                Referral to administrator and in-house suspension